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RE: Cracks in EDP

yes, definitely! it is much better running cool.

At 6:13 PM -0800 12/10/00, future perfect wrote:
>Kim- my 'plex is about 4 years old. Along with your other suggestions, do
>you recommend I do this mod to my Plex as well?
>thanks for your help!
>Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices
>> All recently built Echoplexes (the past two years or so) use a different
>> type of voltage regulator that generates practically no heat. In older
>> units, the linear regulators used to supply +5V to the digital section 
>> quite hot. That sounds like what you are experiencing. If you want to
>> update your Echoplex with the newer regulator and you've got some
>> soldering
>> skils, it is pretty easy.

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