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The Prime Mover, the UniverseLoop, and Sustain

I like this concept, the prime mover who struck a string a long
time ago that is still vibrating, in that our own small loops are
just harmonics and other by-products of a long sustaining loop.
Maybe the activities of prominent individuals are enough to
sufficiently change the character of the ongoing loop.

I also have a particular guitar that, owing to its neck thru
body construction seems to want to sustain forever.  So when
I tried it through a looper it was like having two guitars as
the loop would make itself apparent when the guitar was still
sustaining the same note.

Maybe that's why people believe there are two earths, or two
superuniverses.  It's still there, but just an afterecho of
what came before.  Like the guitar still sustaining, there's
a loop of sustained guitar that is just the echo of the real
thing but no less real.

And what if we, in this life are the after echo and the real
earth is doing the before sustain?

I've got to wake up and stop this!  Caffeine please.