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Women in Looping...

Well... speaking of women and music. Pauline posted THIS to the BA-NEWMUS 
mailing list just this weekend... Synchronicity... WOW!

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To: "Bay Area New Music Discussion List" <ba-newmus@eartha.mills.edu>
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Since 1996 when I began teaching in the graduate composition program at 
Mills College I have been alarmed at the ratio of male to female 
candidates in composition and technology. My seminars typically have 
eleven men and two women. The majority of graduates in Music at Mills are 
men and this is a women's college. It is difficult for me to understand 
why women are not applying in greater numbers to this program. I would 
appreciate feedback and suggestions on this situation and I would love to 
see more women in composition and technology here at Mills.

Please pass this announcement along to those that might be interested.

Thank you,
Pauline Oliveros
Darius Milhaud Professor

We're looking for adventurous women . . .

Whether you're classically trained, improvisor, DJ, or experimentalist 
whether you're interested in acoustic or electronic music whether you have 
a strong vision or are unsure of which road to take the world-renowned 
Music Department at Mills could be the place for you!

 *small classes

 *a supportive and friendly atmosphere

 *space to imagine and create

 *the skills you need to realize your ideas

 *your questions about music technology treated with respect - and answered

 *a wide range of interdisciplinary activities (dance, art, digital arts, 
theater, video)

Mills College is situated in one of the most vibrant and creative areas in 
the United States, within easy reach of Oakland, Berkeley, and San 

Mills Music Faculty includes composer/audio engineer Maggi Payne, and 
pioneering composer and visionary Pauline Oliveros, as well as 
distinguished composer/improvisers Chris Brown, Alvin Curran, and Fred 
Frith, and noted scholars Michelle Fillion and David Bernstein. 

The instrumental teaching faculty includes some of the finest musicians in 
the Bay Area (such as the Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio), and our concert 
series presents cutting-edge performers from all over the world (recent 
visitors include AMM, Anne Bourne, Abbie Conant, Lesli Dalaba, Douglas 
Ewart, Amy Denio, Jos@ Maceda, Ikue Mori, Ursula Oppens, Jim O∆Rourke, 
Zeena Parkins, Aki Takahashi, & Richard Teitelbaum)

Some of the great composers and performers whose work was presented at 
Mills:  Maryanne Amacher, Beth Anderson, Laurie Anderson, Blectum from 
Blechdom, Krys Bobrowski, Barbara Golden, Janice Giteck, Susie Ibarra, Jin 
Hi Kim, Jill Kroesen, Annea Lockwood, Frankie Mann, Miya Masaoka, Amy X 
Neuburg, Jeanne Parson, Eliane Radigue, Wendy Reid, Peggy Seeger, Laetitia 
Sonami, and Hildegard Westerkamp.

WE SAY YES - the freedom to explore and experiment, the freedom to find 
your own voice,the freedom to be yourself...............

Financial assistance is available.

For further information, please call the Office of Graduate Studies, the 
510-430-3309, fax 510-430-2159 or e-mail grad-studies@mills.edu or check 
out the Mills College website:  www.mills.edu

David Bernstein
Associate Professor of Music
and Head of the Music Department
Mills College, Oakland CA 94613
510-430-2025 (phone)
510-430-3228 (fax)

For further information, please call................fax.............or 
Pauline Oliveros                
156 Hunter St. Kingston NY 12401