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Re: Roland VS880 Scrubbing question!

>Y'know I mentioned a 4-track recorder a while back...well now I have a
>VS-840!  I picked it up used for $525 (I haven't really checked, but it
>seemed a pretty good deal...).  I'm really enjoying it.  
>I am getting the hang of it pretty well, but "SCRUBBING" confuses me,
>and I think it's going to be very essential!  Can you give me kind of a
>basic idea of how to do it?  (I've got the manual, and will read, read,
>read it more, but scrubbing doesn't just jump out at me for clarity).

I would be curious to know if the VS840 even 'scrubs' at all.  Does 
anybody know if the 840, 880, 1680 or 1880 have scrubbing as a 
feature?  I was under the assumption that they did not.  That you had 
to locate points (on the 880/1680 at least) by looking at the 
waveform on the display.

If anybody knows (for sure), please post or email me privately.  This 
feature is one of the important ones for me and will guide my 
decision to purchase either the Roland, or the Akai 16 track, or the 
Yamaha 4416 sometime next year.

or, god knows what they'll release within 9-12 months.  A 48 track? 
that makes cappucino?