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OT:Re: Roland VS880 Scrubbing question!

Rich, Dave, all,
Yes the VS880 scrubs.  I'm sure the vs1680, and 1880 will scrub.  I
don't know about the 840, but my guess is that it does, too.

First, let's be sure we are talking about the same feature.  The vs880
has a button called scrub.  When this feature is on, you can hear a
small segment (a few ms.) of a single track played repeatedly (hence
the name scrub).  The shuttle wheel allows you to move through time,
down to a frame at a time, to select where on that track you hear the
scrub.  This allows you to visually and audibly find an exact point on
that track, like when a note begins or ends, that can be used as a
precise edit point. 

There is a system parameter that allows you to choose how many
milliseconds long is the scrub (how much of the track is playback
looped during scrub).  As you hear the scrub, you will see an amplitude
over time graph of the track's signal displayed on the screen.  A
vertical line on the screen indicates the point in time where you begin
the scrub. 

You must have a track recorded first before you can scrub it (duh).  To
invoke scrub, the machine must be stopped (no playback), and you should
position the track near the area to scrub.

Press the scrub button (scrub light comes on), and choose the channel
to scrub by pressing the 'channel edit' button for that prerecorded
track.  You can now move through time on that track by turning the
shuttle wheel.  

In Scrub, you will only hear one track at a time, and you will hear
that track panned just like it is panned in your normal playback mix. 
The track fader, and master fader will affect the scrub volume.  The
track to be scrubbed must be in the 'play' mode (green light) in order
to hear the scrub.  While in scrub (the scrub light is on) you can
select to scrub any of the the tracks (with the 'channel edit' button)
that are in 'play mode' (green) and that have material recorded

Scrub is musch easier to use than to describe.  It is very easy to get
precise edits using scrub.  Let me know if you need further help,

All of the music on our mp3 pages were recorded on the VS-880, and
scrub was essential to creating tight edits.




--- rich <rich@nuvisionsca.com> wrote:
> >Y'know I mentioned a 4-track recorder a while back...well now I have
> a
> >VS-840!  I picked it up used for $525 (I haven't really checked, but
> it
> >seemed a pretty good deal...).  I'm really enjoying it.  
> >
> >
> >I am getting the hang of it pretty well, but "SCRUBBING" confuses
> me,
> >and I think it's going to be very essential!  Can you give me kind
> of a
> >basic idea of how to do it?  (I've got the manual, and will read,
> read,
> >read it more, but scrubbing doesn't just jump out at me for
> clarity).
> I would be curious to know if the VS840 even 'scrubs' at all.  Does 
> anybody know if the 840, 880, 1680 or 1880 have scrubbing as a 
> feature?  I was under the assumption that they did not.  That you had
> to locate points (on the 880/1680 at least) by looking at the 
> waveform on the display.
> If anybody knows (for sure), please post or email me privately.  This
> feature is one of the important ones for me and will guide my 
> decision to purchase either the Roland, or the Akai 16 track, or the 
> Yamaha 4416 sometime next year.
> or, god knows what they'll release within 9-12 months.  A 48 track? 
> that makes cappucino?
> best,
> rich

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