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More and MORE list member's music reviewed!

WARNING Cross posted. Reply directly to Legion@voicenet.com

This month my Left of the Dials column on www.creativesynth.com features
some great music by our very own Skoop as well as some WRONG modular
madness by atlatl, the first Outer Space alliance CD, and a review of
the latest CT collective CD, Bluezette,  chock full of looping


I try and review all styles on underground/electronic based music so if
you've got a CD, tape, streaming radio program, etc and want some press
send me an email or pop off a CD, etc plus short bio with ordering info.
Unfortunately my online connection is Sloooow so if you have MP3s I can
only listen to them if you burn 'em to a Cd or make a tape and send it

Mail yr stuff to: Help Wanted Productions PO BOX 2205 Phila, Pa. 19103

I can't promise I'll review everything sent but I listen to it all and
try and put together the best mix of styles each month. I never do one
thing (ie: it's not all techno or noise or industrial or whatever) so
the column reflects a number of genres every issue. Comments, etc. more
than welcome and enjoy the stuff up there now and check the archives
(link at the bottom of each month's column) for some great stuff by
other list members and international musicians you haven't heard of but
probably want to know about.

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