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RE: The Curse of Knob-Twiddling

At 03:48 PM 12/12/00 -0800, Miko Biffle wrote:
>I've often thought that motorcycle helmets... the completely enclosed
kind... >combined with a pair of in-ear-monitors and a mic built into the
mouth area >might provide a nicely anonymous persona as well as lend itself
to the metaphor >of modern disenfranchisement... a distopian sort of thing.

The drummer in one of my old bands had a hot-pink motorcycle helmet... the
NON-completely enclosed kind... that had a red revolving safety light (like
the kind on a fire truck) bolted to the top. The light looked great shining
through the fog machine we used our closing number called "World War Four",
however the whole thing was so heavy he could only wear it for one tune!
(It also had an extension cord trailing behind it...) Oh, those early