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Re: boomerang power supply

When I wrote 9v ac, I meant 9v ac.  That is 9v ac output.  I have
bought them from radio shack in the past with no problem.  

The fact that the boomerang uses ac input means that the boomerang
rectifies and filters the ac to dc inside of the boomerang.  Plugging
9v dc into a device that has rectifiers and filters on the power input
will not do any harm.  It may not work, but it will do no harm.
--- "r. dennis" <tonobung@panix.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Bret wrote:
> > Not sure where in the world you live, but Radio Shack sells a 9v ac
> > adapter, I believe.  You may need to replace the barrel plug, but
> they
> > stock most sizes.
> > bret
> but look again CAREFULLY!!!!  the boomerang power supply does
> NOT convert AC -> DC... it's ac in/ ac out!! you won't be finding
> that puppy at radio shack any time soon!
> and fried boomerang just doesn't taste very good...
> rbrt

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