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Re: OT: Johnson JStation VS. Line6 Pod

You know what?  I think the Yamaha DG Stomp may be the way to go.  I own a
POD and loved it--until my friend and jam-mate got a DG Stomp.  First off,
the effects are measurably better.  Second, there's what seems to me a
deeper level of control over all the parameters.  Third, there's
footswitches!  It's built like a stomp-box, which the POD a J-Station are
not, making them near useless live without additional hardware (footswitch
or MIDI gear).  I have also been impressed by the tone, though I haven't
had too much opportunity to tinker with it.  I do know Guitar Player (Joe
Gore, I think) reviewed it and it won an Editors' Choice award with some
superlative commentary.

My 2.23 Yen.

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I've been doing more recording than playing lately, and it's made me think
that a good tube modeling preamp may be the way to go.  I bought a Line 6
Spyder, and I like it, but I've been seeing the Johnson JStation around.  I
know the Line 6 is held in pretty high regard.  I also know that Adrian
Belew swears by Johnson amps.

Any opinions welcome.