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Re: OT: Johnson JStation VS. Line6 Pod

Those two modeling preamps and the opinions on each are as varied and 
vehement as the 'fender vs. marshall' or 'paul vs. strat' or 'big mac 
vs. whopper' arguments...

I use the POD regularly and think it's the best thing since sliced 
bread as far as direct recording (if you happen to have limited 
access to high quality mics, excellent sounding rooms, and good 
micing engineering skills...like me!)

I used to play bass for a rock band where the guitarist was using a 
Johnson Millenium with a Parker guitar.  In my opinion?  Crap plugged 
into crap.  No soul, no tone, just jangly overchorused junk.  Now he 
wasn't a wiz with programming either, so that may account for his 
tone...but god knows he futzed around with the stupid thing often 

Check out




These two dudes are the biggest POD evangalists, so expect a biased 
opinion.  However, dtraco has audio samples of the POD vs. J-Station 
at his site.  Malhavok (the second address) has literally hundreds of 
patches you can download into your POD via your computer and 
Soundiver software.

General concensus:

POD - much better and more accurate amp models
J-Station - better effects

good luck,


>I've been doing more recording than playing lately, and it's made me think
>that a good tube modeling preamp may be the way to go.  I bought a Line 6
>Spyder, and I like it, but I've been seeing the Johnson JStation around.  
>know the Line 6 is held in pretty high regard.  I also know that Adrian
>Belew swears by Johnson amps.
>Any opinions welcome.