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Re: OT: Johnson JStation VS. Line6 Pod-what Belew uses

Hi Tim & all,

I'm not questioning what your friend saw, but I saw KC in Chicago at the 
Park West on Halloween and he did indeed have 2 Johnson amps.  KC also had 
ton of looping gear, but except perhaps for Fripp's soundscapes I didn't 
hear any loops. When I saw KC back in (I think) 96' the string players 
all using Bag End Monitors except for Tony Levin.

Best Regards,


At 03:04 PM 12/13/00 -0800, Mark wrote:
 >I also know that Adrian Belew swears by Johnson amps.

I thought so too, and there even a thread a while back about how Belew was
even using the Millennium's onboard circuitry for looping, but a friend of
mine caught a Crimson show a couple of weeks ago (Berklee Performance Ctr,
Boston) and swears Belew was using the old JC-120s again.


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