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Re: OT: Johnson JStation VS. Line6 Pod-what Belew uses

In a message dated 12/14/00 3:03:14 AM, jimc@jguru.com writes:

<< My personal choice is a Pod + external FX -- let each
box do what it does best.  I had a Digitech 2101 for quite
a while, and though it has some great tones, I think the
Pod has the edge in that match-up.

How do you run you're effects?  Before/ after the Pod - which ones?  While 
agree the Pod is great I also had a 2101 (sold when I got the Pod) that I 
kind of miss - those thick 8 voice chorus modules are something!  I think 
Digitech screwed up when they "upgraded" the 2101 with the 2112 - 
was lost IMHO. - Paul