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New Guy

Hello All,
I can't remember how I found you folks.  It might have been a link off n-tracks site.  I'm no looper, but I've been playing jazz guitar in Canada for about 30 odd years (sic.) - mostly standards and the dreaded bread and butter gigs.
I recently heard Michael Ochipinti, a Toronto guitarist with his quartet.  Both he and his bassist Andrew Downing were creating loops on the fly and over dubbing on them. It was all done with great sensitivity -especially Downing who played probably the best bowed bass I've ever heard in a jazz club-- and it really captured my imagination --(though I could have done without the wangy arm distortion feedback thing between the looped bits).
So now I guess I'm hooked but I'm not to sure where to start.  I didn't get a chance to see what Michael's mess of pedals really consisted of.
I was talking to the local music store about the Line 6 Delay Modeller.  Is that a sensible starting point for a guy on a budget? 
I've already got a Teac A-3440, DBX 1066 Compressor, an old Yamaha SPX90 (noisy!), a small Mackie board, and n-tracks, but for now I'm thinking of something small and cheap that I can use on regular gigs while I experiment.
Also can somebody define the term looping for me - as you use it.  I'm just wondering where looping ends and something else begins. Does that make sense?
PS.  What a ton of mail!  But it's fun, and I thank you for that too.
Keith Smith