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Re: Welcome back - Looping in austin this sunday ...

>i take it you are also from dallas?
>are you gigging here?

Yes, I'm from Dallas, but no, I've got no current gig.  To tell the truth,
I don't know that I'm ready to gig: I've just got into the wonderful world
of looping and I find my rhythm sucks.  Metronomic accuracy is suddenly
much more important when you're faced with hearing your out-of-timedness
over and over and over...

What about you?  Currently gigging?


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i take it you are also from dallas?
are you gigging here?

> I kind-of directed the drive-with thing to Jim Palmer, who mentioned
> driving from Dallas.  Unfortunately, I will not be in Austin this Sunday,
> but good luck with the gig and many happy returns to you (ha!  a little
> looper-pun.  "returns"?  get it?  hello...is this thing on?).