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RE: Space Station vs. Deluxe Memory Man ... 2101!

if you like those space station sounds find a 2101 by digitech. it has ALL
the cool digitech stuff AND is FULLY programmable! BOING!!! check ebay ...

jimmy george

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For a little more than the Spacestation, you can get the Korg AX1000, which
is also a very cool box.  I've
got the Korg AX30 and I love it.  It's not as weird as the Spacestation, 
it's a lot more programmable.
Spacestation only has uneditable presets, but they are cool.  Get both!
All!  Stuff!


Tim Sanz wrote:

> Hi Rich,
> Had a bud that used the Morley Pro Treadle Flanger into a  DMM
> Together they were great!
> I have a Pro Treadle Flanger still I bought in the 70's and I'm not using
it anymore if ya want to get it.
> Let me know, we could go off the L/D list with descriptions. I'll let it
go cheep.
> Cheers, Tim
> >>> planet_three@inorbit.com 12/15 8:40 AM >>>
> Hello All.
> I'm looking for something a little extra to color my guitar sound before
> gets to my delay system and was wondering what all of you thought of
> two units.
> I used to work with someone who had a DMM and I loved the sound of it, 
> the Space Station also seems cool and a big plus is that I can 
> use it as a volume pedal as well ( my existing volume pedal is getting a
> old and scratchy).
> Any thoughts? I'd also take other suggestions in this price range
> (US$150-200)
> Rich
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