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Re: OT: SoCal Steinberger repair

I have no idea of his Steiny experience, but Doc Pitillo in Fountain 
Valley has a great reputation for guitar repair.  He's a custom 
builder as well, and his Gypsy and Recording King guitars are so 
beautiful you have to be careful not to drool on them.  I've had all 
my guitars and bass worked on and set up at Doc's shop in the last 5 

He's a purist at heart, preferring to do work on classic instruments 
and not too keen on mods, and he will bend your ear off with mind 
numbing details if you let him.  Futhermore, you will need to hound 
him to get your axe back in a reasonable time...Want it in two 
weeks?...Tell Doc you have a gig the coming weekend and you must have 
your guitar.  The work is all top-notch though, and Doc will be 
honest with you about working on the Trans-trem, whether he can do it 
or not.

call information for Fountain Valley and ask for "The Guitar Doctor" 
He's on Euclid Avenue.


side note to the above mention of 'mods'.  Doc does do an extremely 
nice wiring mod for Les Pauls, making it have a single volume 
control, master tone, and two individual pickup volume controls. 
Nice way to get that pickup blend you like, then just have ONE 
control for the volume.  ever try to do a smooth volume swell into 
your loop (on topic, yeah!!) with those two fricking volume pots on a 
Paul?  argghhhh...where's my volume pedal, dammit?

>A few months ago I purchased a used Steinberger GK4T (the Klein 
>shaped Steiny)and it could definitely stand to use a nice set-up. 
>However I am primarily a bass player and I don't know of any places 
>to take so specialized a guitar and I don't want to take it to some 
>chop-shop. Do any of you SoCal guitar loopers out there know of a 
>good repair place to take a Steinberger? Preferably someplace with 
>experience setting up a Trans-Trem and the zero fret has seen some 
>better days so if they can do fret work on a pheno fingerboard that 
>would be groovy too. Please help a brother out.
>Muchas Gracias
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