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Re: Where to Get Tapes for Old Tape Delays?

Hi list !
somebody can tell me the delay times of the old echoplex tape delay units ???
thanks in advance !
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From: Dave
Sent: Friday, December 15, 2000 3:20 PM
Subject: Re: Where to Get Tapes for Old Tape Delays?

Roland was making graphite coated tape loops up until a couple of years ago.
You can still find some shops that have them in stock, but they are few and far
between.  Another option is 8-track tapes, thats the only other tape I know of
that is graphite coated..  Once and a while you can find an old abba 8-track
that has bareley been used.  You can get a couple of years out of one eight

If you use regular 1/4 inch tape, it always gets stuck after a while.  The
graphite works best.



Kevin Mulvihill wrote:

> >> Personnally, I prefer older units, but it can be difficult to find an old
> loop delay.
> I'll say. Here's a question: I have a very old Roland Space Echo SRE-755.
> It's a tape delay unit. Does anyone have ANY idea where I might be able to
> get tapes for it???
> Thanks,
> Kevin