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What is a "Tube Pre amp"?


Ok, I just signed up for the list.
>From what I can tell this is about Effects and rack mount effects?

If not, please let me know.

My problem is that when I plug my acoustic guitar in to my computer
soundcard,  I cant get any real level with out real bad distortion and
hiss.  Would a Tube pre-amp give me gain?  Right now I have the level
going in my tape deck and then i use the gain knob and resend it to my
computer.  At the time, I chose not to buy a cheep mixer and rather
get a tube pre amp.

Below is the one I may get tomorrow or the next.

Again, forgive me if I have the wrong mail list.
Best regards,
 mastiff2001                            mailto:mastiff2001@yahoo.com

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