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33B Pitch Shifter Vs. SDE-1000 Delay

Greeting Loopers,

   So I finally decide that my Roland SDE-1000 Delay
   has been sitting around unused for far too many years and
   I haul the thing to the music store and see what I 
   could get for it...  "80 Bucks in trade," sez Mr Storeperson,
   "have a look around".

   Not much of interest until I spy a Digitech 33B.  "Hmmm",
   thinks I, "I saw that beast on the David Torn video". 
   So I walk out of the store with the 33B in tow, and
   my wallet only a tiny increment thinner.  

   Unfortunately, it did not come with a manual,  and
   I am pretty much confounded by the thing. It does seem 
   pretty damn fun, but so far I have only figured how to 
   negotiate the presets... that's about it.  

   Can anyone help?  I could use a xerox of the manual, or
   a PDF/Jpg/gif, or advice, or suggestions, or just 
   about anything!