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Re: Paul Celan

Tooting my own horn...

The latest Intonarumori CD has the Paul Celan Suite that I wrote for two
voices and small chamber ensemble in 1998 (much looping was involved).  
info on http://www.intonarumori.com

When I first read Celan I was struck by how haunting and penetrating his
words were.

Michael Nyman did an amazing job of setting Paul Celan to music on the CD 
did with Ute Lemper.


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> > Black milk of dawn ...
> > Schwarze Milch der Frühe
> >  --- thatīs how his most famous poem begins. Itīs beautiful.
> > Alessandro
> At least I've found someone else who loves his poems, but I also hope to
> find out a trace of what I have received,that I have surely erased from 
> pc (ouch !).
> The thought someone is doing something with (or through) his poetry,
> fascinates and interests me so much.
> Luca