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CENTROZOON : Xmas Update (Slightly Off-Topic)

Here's a brief rundown of the most recent additions to CENTROZOON's 
site @ http://www.centrozoon.de. (My apologies for any inadvertent

The (public) production of  'The Cult Of Bibbiboo' is further augmented by
the addition of 14 new MP3's showcasing the latest mixes from producer 
DiFilippo. Web visitors are still encouraged to voice their sentiments, and
help in piloting Bibbiboo's unchartered course...

Check out this 'secret' page:- http://www.centrozoon.de/bibbiriboo.html to
discover how you can build your own Bibbiriboo, and enter the 'Covers'
contest! (Visitors should be warned that the consumption of 'Sour Cream &
Onion' Pringles is required, unless you own / or have access to a dog!?)

* The Voice Of Bibbiboo - Just what does she sound like? Visitors need
wonder no more following the inclusion of an intriguing new link, located 
the 'Voice' page...

* The Galleries - Register your preferred physiognomy for the 'divine 
by choosing one of the six models on display. The people's choice will
eventually grace the cover of this CD. (Voting will close on the 15th
January 2001.)

* Naming Contest - Check out the latest (MP3 / RealAudio) mixes, and submit
your original titles... Winners will see their titles in print, as well as
receiving a T-Shirt and 'Blast' CD. Entries have been somewhat scant to
date, so you could be in with a fighting chance! (Please note that the
closing date for this contest is 31st January 2001.)

Sincere Christmas greetings are extended to all friends, and supporters of
CENTROZOON, from Markus, Bernhard, and not least Bibbiboo herself. We wish
you all a peaceful New Year...


Lee Fletcher, (on behalf of CENTROZOON) http://www.centrozoon.de