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Happy New Ear: 49/32 Radio Archives updated 12/10-31/2000

Happy New Ear!

I've updated the part of the 49/32 Radio archives from 
December 10-31, 2000 

49/32 Radio is the very first all microtonal streaming audio program
on the net. Microtonal is a term that loosely covers any music outside 
of the 12 tone equal temperament commonly accepted in the Western 
world - the notes in between the frets of a guitar or the pitches 
between the keys of a piano. Microtonality isn't a style of music, 
rather an approach to pitch.

Recent programs featured David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir, 
Baba Allauddin Khan Saheb, Henry Flynt, Rod Poole, Arnold Dreyblatt 
Aadat (Drums of Morocco), El Maallem Mahmoud Gania 
Mississippi Fred McDowell and Bukka White.


* D a v i d         B e a r d s l e y
* 49/32  R a d i o "all microtonal, all the time"
* http://www.virtulink.com/immp/lookhere.htm