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EDP multiple question

I'm having some difficulty setting up my echoplex to do what
I want it to do.  Basically I use auto-record on and

What I want to do is loop a cycle in Loop 1,
Copy it to Loop 2 (I do this by pressing next loop and then
Go back to Loop 1
(Now both Loop 1 and Loop 2 are the same)
Play around with Loop 1 with overdubs etc.
Go into Loop 2 and start to multiple right away WITHOUT
copying Loop 1.

Everytime I try this I just copy in loop 1's stuff.  I have
shut loopcopy off, which still copies when I press multiply
after nextloop, which is fine.

BTW:  I notice that I have some real grainy noise when I
record, you have to listen to it and you can't hear it when
the loop is developed.  It sounds like a noise gate only
digitally funny.  I wonder if I have bad ram chips in there.
Any, thanks in advance.

Chris Conley