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Re: Roland Echo Tapes

Dick Michaels wrote:

> And how do you make the splice work cleanly?

I've had best results slicing at a diagonal. I use simple splice tape I 
from radio shack (who still stock it BTW).  Basically you're doing the same
thing all reel to reel looper's have done for decades so you may need to
experiment to find what works best for you. I think a 45-60 degree angles 
a clean splice and I've done this on a few machines including roland space
echos as well as multivox and other brands with different heads, etc.

As pointed out the 8 track tape *is* lubricated. If you can find a new one
still sealed you've got a few lifetimes wroth of space echo tape and you 
experiment with tape length to get different echos. The actual original 
length is in a post I made to the analog heaven archives a few years ago. 
I had
a spare Roland and opened it up and measured it but of course I forget 
what it
is now.