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Re: LD mailing list question

>I use egroups and I think it's worth it, but it's not quite free.

Really?  I'm subscribed to four or five EGroup mailing lists and use my
very well-protected work address (I've got a hotmail and yahoo account for
the fluff) and receive NO spam.  Then again, I do ALWAYS find and un-check
that little box that indicates, "Yes!  Allow EGroups to notify me of
exciting opportunities..." when signing up.

For what it's worth.

Go loopers.

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I use egroups and I think it's worth it, but it's not quite free. The
company makes it's money by selling email addresses to spammers. A few
months after joining an egroups list, I started receiving all sorts of spam

in Spanish and English. Some of it is a little unnerving. I get lots of
messages from weight loss groups telling me I'm fat. Insurance companies
like to subtly suggest that I'm going to die soon.

>From: lindsay@pavestone.com
> >I would like to know how I would be create a email-chatroom like the
>this one for my site.
>The easiest means would be to simply start a group on
>http://www.egroups.com linked to your site.  Fast, free and easy.

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