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RE: NAMM show

I'd like to go to NAMM, but I went to their web site and it looks like one
has to be in music retail to get in. I know a lot of folks go that don't
have this credential... so what's the best way for a lay person (musician)
to get in?


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> Sent: Saturday, January 06, 2001 7:11 PM
> To: Loop List
> Subject: NAMM show
> Hi loopists,
> are any of you going to NAMM? I'll be playing on the Modulus
> basses and Ashdown Amp stands at various times over the weekend,
> all being well with a DL4, JamMan and MPX-G2 in tow. I've then
> got a clinic at the LA Bass Exchange on the 25th December
> (lots of playing, not too much bass chat, so non-bassists feel
> free to come along :o) and a gig at The Roadhouse Coffee Stop,
> 5725 Rosemead Blvd, Temple City,91780   626.286-0824 on the 26th.
> I may also have a gig in Santa Cruz and/or SF on the Monday
> and/or Tuesday of that week, I'll let you know... :o)
> cheers
> Steve
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