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Can I get a witness?

If looping is truly a religion, then you know what to do, Reverend Kim.
 Ask the congregation to support the ministry!  

Aren't we all sending 10% of our earnings to spread the good news?  If
you're not, how can your conscience truly be clear?

Matthias, lead us in a hymn as the elders pass around the donation

My loop was lost, but now is found, again, and again, amen.  From
Paradis, to Oberheim to Gibson, the Echoplex is resurrected.  
--- Kim Flint <kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:
> At 9:18 AM -0800 1/6/01, tapehiss wrote:
> >
> >My question to you is how have you been able to get it to pay for
> >itself?
> pay for itself??  hahahaha, that's funny.
> for a while I thought the various manufacturers who generate
> significant
> amounts of sales because of Looper's Delight might be interested in
> advertising here, but that was foolish. Clearly some of them would
> rather
> spend $thousands on full page ads in magazines that have smaller
> subscriber
> bases than LD while taking advantage of the LD list/website community
> for
> free publicity.
> I get some money from the other sites that pay for space on my
> server, a
> little bit from the guys who made the Looper's Delight CD's and share
> some
> of the profits with me, an occasional puny check from advertisements
> on the
> site, and once in a while a generous user will donate a bit of cash.
> None
> of that comes close to covering my costs to run Looper's Delight, so
> primarily LD is paid for out of my pocket. I expect that will
> eventually
> change someday, but it isn't happening very quickly. Admittedly I
> haven't
> put much effort into achieving that lately, as other things have
> taken over
> my time....
> If anybody out there is currently feeling shamed into coughing up
> some
> cash, I'd be happy to sell some ad space for whatever it is you do.
> your ad
> will get plastered in front of gearhead musicians hundreds of
> thousands of
> times per month. your conscience will be clear. 
> kim

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