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RE: Some press coverage for the CT-Collective

Sorry fot the OT nature of these subscription posts, but I want to make 
sure people who have commented on this list see the results of their 
subscription travails. My message to Hans follows...

Hi Hans... these were the only pending subscription requests I saw 
today... a total of 4 from these addresses. 


I don't see your address among them. Maybe give it another try? 

Same for you  Stephen dakshah@yahoo.com ... Can't say why I haven't seen 
your requests at the list, but you'll have to try subscribing again. 

Best regards,
-Miko Biffle

>>> Hans Lindauer <hans@ernieball.com> 01/08/01 11:08AM >>>
Hi Mike- Thanks for taking care of me.  Let me know if I need to try to 
re-subscribe or do anything else on my end. -Hans