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RE: stereo...

no, that's a multiple loop function, similar to what has been available
on the jamman and echoplex for a long time. That is not the same as
Insert at all.

How the Repeater compares to those two for multiple loop functions is
something that will have to be seen after the Repeater is out and people
can play with it. The details and playability are really what matter,
and you really need to play with it to get a feel for that level of
operation. You won't get it from a list of functions.

The Insert function is completely different from that, however. That is
unique to the echoplex and not available on any other device.


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Isn't the lack of "insert" on the Repeater easily overcome by the fact
it can switch to any loop, new or stored, at any time - if you program
Ground Control or RP-1 or whatever midi floor-controller?


> On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Mike Biffle wrote:
> > It can't to INSERT like the EDP...
> >