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Re: OT: Namm

Clifford@BienAppraisers (11:36 AM 01/09/01) wrote:

>Does anyone know if a schedule of all the booth's events will be 
>before the show? I can only find buisness related seminars and the like 
>the Namm web site- I would like to have a battle plan in hand before I 
>enter the fray-

If you mean an exhibitor's list, that's online:


   Click on "Trade show"

   Click on "Exhibitor list" under "Winter Show"

If you mean what time that DigiDesign is doing which ProTools demo and 
such, then no, I've never seen that information posted up before a show.

Booth schedules can change dramatically during a show, and NAMM tends to 
take a hands-off attitude on trying to keep that information online.

*SOMETIMES* I've seen vendors having their own flyers out and around the 
entry areas giving out demo schedules, but usually that information is 
gotten from the vendor's booth on the fly.

Even then though, the schedules can float and not be really tight.