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Seeking enlightenment

    Long time hand percussionist, new to looping...seeking patience and enlightenment.
Goal:  Accompany live house dj(vinyl) with following abilities:  either one mic used for different hand drums, or multiple mics respectively, ability to add effects to drums, have multiple loop samples playing simultaneously, manipulate effects which are on existing loops, piping all output through dj's mixer so he/she can manipulate the hand drum's presence.  
    My research has brought me to the JamMan, Boomerang, and the Echoplex.  My main concern is that this is all going to be happening extremely fast and live, and with percussion vs. guitars.  Is there one more suitable?  Know of any available JamMan's(sorry, had to ask=)?
Additionally, I am a little uncertain as to the most efficient way to set the connections to best facilitate me.  Must I run from mic to mixer to Looping device via Aux Send then back to Mixer channels?(then into dj's mixer) When is the best time to add effects?
    I'm getting mixed messages from people I consult as most are unsure;  others are trying to sell me extremely expensive mixers with multiple Aux Send ports I'm not sure are necessary.  I have and will continue to read archived info, but need to take some important first steps.
    I sincerely appreciate any guidance/direction you may provide-
    Take care, Saybolt
Feel free to respond directly to: JWSaybolt@hotmail.com