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RE: Loop Busking (was re: Battery Powered etc...)

good man noah! busking is an art to be made. depending on where you busk. i
have busked in may of the larger cities: seattle, austin, new york, philly,
pittsburgh etc. watch for permits, cops and thief's. otherwise dig in and
have a blast. busking is indeed the front line of venues. also i've made
some decent money busking. the most came fro seattle. most of my busking 
done with out looping tools. your dl4 has a battery compartment as you 
they don't last too long but they work. also the fender passport has an
optional battery pack that has a decent life span.

best wishes,
jimmy george

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Subject: Loop Busking (was re: Battery Powered etc...)

Hot damn...

I've been wanting to busk for years, but continually agonizing over what
and how... You've just convinced me not to sell my DL-4. I recently had a
party during which I broke out my looping gear and had some 'existential
poetry kareoke" during which I stuck a mic in the mixer and a friend
whipped out his flute and notebook. We proceeded to 'kick it beatnik
style'. We were all a bit too drunk for it to sound like anything decent,
but it was fun incorporating voices and such into the loop. I think
something similar might go down well on the streets... 'Sample the Crowd'
as it were...

Anyway, rambling aside, does anyone have experience/advice loopbusking? I
know a lot of you have been to Burning man, but how about looping for
quarters on the mean streets of (insert urban area here)?