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No Subject

Hi all,
I'm new to the list & have been looping with a DOD DFX-94 (4 second) for 
several years. I recently added a DL-4 to my set-up, and love the doors it 
has opened, however I still lean on the DOD pedal for timing as its 
knob-control timing is the lowest common denominator. 

I would soon like to add automated percussion to my set-up. I was curious 
how others on the list have managed to sync a drum machine or other 
percussion unit to a manual timing set-up.

For those not familiar with the DFX-94 it maintains a static loop size 
based on a single knob (delay length). I could adjust the loop to match a 
rhythm but this creates a tone change; not so good in a live situation. 
THe 94 does not have a tap rhythm like the DL-4

I'd love to hear how others overcame this problem without spending a grand 
on a midi friendly looper.

William (Tucson, AZ)