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Re: repeater...

>Using SoundDiver for my synths is much nicer than using the front
>panels to tweak my sounds and the same might be true of the Repeater as

Can anyone tell me if Soundiver is the answer to my synth woes?  I 
recently purchased an Alesis QS6.1, and added a Qcard with the 
vintage synths (It was the most viable replacement when my buddy 
asked to have his '67 Vox Jaguar back...damn...after i fixed it, 

The problem i'm having is understanding the effects architecture, and 
most specifically how the controller bars interact with the effects. 
I'm struggling to get some sort of real-time control over the 
voicings and/or the effects.

Anybody have any suggestions?  I wrote to Alesis tech support, but no 
reply.  Is there an Alesis synth users group someone could point me