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RE: Responding to "gig spam"

Title: RE: Responding to "gig spam"

BTW, i wasn't advocating being nasty or derogative to anyone on the
list.  I think what i was trying to say was if you are willing to don
the label of being 'experimental' and 'avante garde', i feel that you
really can't be too sensitive to the reaction.  If you've got the
balls to advertise yourself as something outside the circle (however
tame and milquetoast the circle may be), you really can't complain if
those folks in the circle either throw a few stones at you, or close
the door behind ya.

** besides which, most people just don't care. think of how many billions of people there are in the world, now think of how many listen to western music, then think about how many listen to non-pop music . . . if you keep going down, i think that you'll get to a point where MAYBE one tenth of one percent of the world's population could concievably, at any given point in time, care about what anyone on this list is doing. and the rest will either be indifferent or hate it - - or not. i do what i do because i believe in it; it sure ain't to prove to humanity how clever i am or to make the big bucks, it IS nice to have some people who seem to care and support it, though. (this could speak to the rip-off/dishonesty/stealing/self-indulgence sub-threads). it would be a lot easier to NOT do it, dig?

Yes, the original post was nasty, and Gary could have been more
constructive, even if he didn't like it.  I don't condone his
method...I'm just not going to say "oh, poor Stuart".

** woe, oh woe is me . . .