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RE: Responding to "gig spam"

>>> Steuart.Liebig@maritz.com 01/15/01 03:02PM >>>
** besides which, most people just don't care. think of how many billions 
of people there are in the world, now think of how many listen to western 
music, then think about how many listen to non-pop music . . . if you keep 
going down, i think that you'll get to a point where MAYBE one tenth of 
one percent of the world's population could concievably, at any given 
point in time, care about what anyone on this list is doing. and the rest 
will either be indifferent or hate it - - or not. i do what i do because i 
believe in it; it sure ain't to prove to humanity how clever i am or to 
make the big bucks, it IS nice to have some people who seem to care and 
support it, though. (this could speak to the 
rip-off/dishonesty/stealing/self-indulgence sub-threads). it would be a 
lot easier to NOT do it, dig?

Or as the late Sonny Sharrock related to his upset and crying wife (who 
had performed with him) after a gig involving serious audience  retreat. 
"Now do you want to see me clear out the ushers?"

** woe, oh woe is me . . . 

I'll bet your kids beat up on you too! 8-) Is there anything we can all do 
to ease the misery? (A probe has been dispatched to Gary's exact locus 
this very moment! The GPS tracking system is functioning perfectly!) 

Sometimes a bad review helps me remember just how diverse and 
factionalized the world is.

Strange times indeed...