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R: Roland VG8 Guitar system?

Try on www.vg-8.com
there is also a user group.
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From: Legion <Legion@voicenet.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 11:31 PM
Subject: Roland VG8 Guitar system?

> I've got a line on a used Roland VG8 guitar system (Floor unit, GK2a
> pick, cable, etc).  I'm only passingly familiar with this unit so I'd
> like to get actual users feelings on how well it tracks, how flexible
> the sounds are, how it compares to the other GR1/9/30 series, etc.
> Basically any info from someone who has used one for a while.
> Does it have built in effects? To be on topic, can it Loop? :)
> Finally what's a fair price for such a unit these days? I know they were
> pretty darn expensive new if I recall correctly.
> Email privately if you feel it's more appropriate.
> Thanks for any/all help