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OT: Re: "Perspective/Perception Is Everything"

between spgoodman, andrélafosse et moi:
>> And while we're
>> out HERE doing our own things and promoting ourselves -albeit with much
>> labor - and having creative control over our own work, the 
>> most advanced stance is to bitch and moan about Napster.  If they even
>> WHAT Napster IS.  
see a.l.f.'s statement, below.
also, re: stereotyping:
me, i *like* to chomp a good cigar once-in-a-great-while, myself.....

>I think they at least know that Napster is a company which is merging
>with, and accepting capital from, one of the five major labels.  Not
>unlike the manner in which AOL recently merged with Time/Warner. 


>> Thankfully a lot of them are bogged down in Music School
>> learning what a chord is or something - [snicker]

>Well, I'm sorry you find the idea of formal musical education absurd or
>offensive.  I hope you can someday find it in yourself to grant other
>people the indulgence of pursuing the creative path that most suits
>their own personal beliefs and goals.
very well said, mssr.
dt / S-C

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