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NPR/etc. and a Call for Relief

Title: RE: NPR
I suspect we're all having a case nerves here, as evidenced by the >100 items having shot into my Looper's Delight folder over the past 2.5 days or so.
How's this then?  Given the perspective (that word again) that some of us have via age, consider that over the past 25-30 years we've seen an increasing amount of use of looping as structure for popular music.  Back in the late 60s for instance it wasn't uncommon for the Big Band agers to be on a talk show commenting negatively about the supposed "lack of substance in popular music today".  I particularly remember George Burns on a Merv Griffin show once stabbing with a "Most songs today, they end with repeats, like 'Baby I love ya 'Baby I love ya 'Baby I love ya 'Baby I love ya ...' - What kind of song is THAT?"
Nowadays it's mostly uncommon for any song NOT to have looping of some kind in it as a major substrate.  Obviously this didn't start with Fripp/Eno, nor for that matter John Cage - but I'm sure this topic would provide a lot less sniping in discussion.  Anyone?
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