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Perception is---anything

Lemme just throw this out there-- if only in the spirit of: have you 
this through, for yourself.

Is it not possible that *Perception is NOT everything*. --That there are 
an infinite way to see anything- but, rather, one way that allows the 
greatest appreciation of the thing. Maybe not everything is relative, but 

*Heresy! Run him off the list! Blasphemer of the sacred lessons of the 

I notice this in putting a song together. Most of the time I settle with 
of the infinite possibilities. But SOMETIMES I find that absolutely 
thing [chord/word/sound/change] that had been there all along. What if 
everything is like that? That means that there would be MOST RIGHT thing 
say to your girlfriend at a certain moment- as opposed to an infinite 
of possible things. There would be the MOST RIGHT time to get pregnant, 
right person to accompany you on your trip to Maui, the right song to play 
at the wedding gig, the RIGHT way to raise your kids...The RIGHT delay 
to buy... The RIGHT way to handle the rude clerk at the computer store...

Maybe it's not all cool/good. Maybe we need to search out the sublime. 
there are folks out there who've subconsciously joined in an effort to 
us all think that there should be no standards-for anything. And maybe 
are motivated by not wanting their limitations to be highlighted, next to 
excellence [excellence is the first thing to go when one believe that 
perception is everything]...

>From The Rosy Croutons, with love,

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