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Re: a call to Live Looping Artists everywhere

All power to your arm Rick - and good luck on the up and coming loopfest.
This could be the start of something !!!


>   I am happy to announce that Laurence Bedford (owner of the beautiful,
> old movie theater, the RIO THEATRE in Santa Cruz) and I have struck a 
> to produce an ongoing LOOPING FESTIVAL (probably once a month) in this
> year.    The festivals will be free to the public and the performers will
> donate their time and performances as well (just like the SOLO BASS
> FESTIVAL which commences this coming Tuesday, January 23rd with Steve
> from the United Kingdom headlining.


>       What comes to mind is an interview I read with one of the early
> rockabilly musicians from Texas a few years ago (I wish I could remember
> name but I cannot).   He said, and I paraphrase wildly,
>     "These young musicians, nowadays, don't seem to be very committed to
> their music.  If they don't make a certain amount of money, then they
> want to get their guitars out of their cases.   When we were first
> we felt that we were on a mission to take this music (rockabilly) to the
> people. We would pile into our station wagon and set out across Texas
> looking for places to play. We would go up to a local Piggly Wiggly 
> and ask the manager if we could play up on their roof for free.   We 
> play anywhere and as often as possible for anyone."