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Parts Ain't Just Parts...

"Robert Eberwein" <robert_eberwein@hotmail.com> opined:
> In our quest to appear that we *have it together* it can seem tempting to
> abandon both logic and our instincts. Weve been hearing this kind of
> for so long: Enlightentment/Existential patter that wants us to believe
> we are even LESS than the sum of our parts.

In the absence of 100% of the data one can only understand what one DOESN'T
know.  Those seeking the entire sausage will probably be disappointed 
in the bodies we're presently using, and anyone professing to actually have
all the answers, well...

> ...Folks
> are much less likely to attend art openings where there is only red
> on Plexiglas. People  almost definitely wont pay 40 bucks to watch some
> fool sit silently at a piano.

Well, people HAVE spent such money to "hear silence".  But in the interest
of uh, "art openings," I invite you to my OWN at
http://www.earthlight.net/Gallery.html - and, should anyone be interested 
my executing some artwork for their covers, I invite those inquiries as

But no matter how much we're part of the same circuit, no matter how much
some mistake this for being One People (a sadly popular phrase that gets 
up whenever there's some conflict at hand), we're all still individual
elements of that Great Circuit.  Therefore we all not only possess 
viewpoints etc.; I believe that this variation has ensured the survival of
the human race for eons.

Stephen Goodman
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