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RE: new "radiaL" from Cycling '74

> I have a question.
> With the dawn of >1Ghz processors and very small to zero latency audio
> cards, would it not be possible to produce a Repeater/EDP like emulation 
> software?  The problem is obviously the latency, but if the software is
> clever, it can adjust looping tracks' position to compensate for the 
> so that only the first pass through (the "live" material) is subject to
> latency.  After the first pass, the program bumps the track up 5 to 15ms 
> that it is in synch again.

A 'wet only' looper is perfectly plausible. In fact, there was never any 
reason for it not to be - delays are affected by latency, because they 
>are< latency. You just have to compensate for it. However, you >would< 
latency issues when changing something, such as ending a loop recording, 
switching loops, or erasing a loop.

I believe there is already an echoplex emulations programmed in Reaktor. I 
have yet to try it.