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Re: new "radiaL" from Cycling '74

On 22/1/01 at 12:56, lindsay@pavestone.com wrote:

> I have a question.
> With the dawn of >1Ghz processors and very small to zero latency audio
> cards, would it not be possible to produce a Repeater/EDP like emulation 
> software?

I think that's pretty much the idea with a lot of these new apps.
BTW, I've couple more MAX/MSP looping/DJ type thingies for anybody out 
there who
might own a Macintosh.




Both will need OMS.

>The problem is obviously the latency, but if the software is
> clever, it can adjust looping tracks' position to compensate for the 
> so that only the first pass through (the "live" material) is subject to
> latency.  After the first pass, the program bumps the track up 5 to 15ms 
> that it is in synch again.

Sort of. But then how will it adjust for the latency it introduces while 
around trying to figure out the latency... (da de da de da)

> Is this a function of market demand,
> that a product like this has not been made available?

Not according to all the people who are trying to sell products like this.
I think it's pretty much two things.

1. Nobody really wants to watch some clown twiddling away on a laptop all 
I think when it comes down to a trade off between interface functionality 
air guitar factor most musicians will go for the latter. (ever see anyone 
fire to their mouse ?)

2. It's harder to write realtime DSP apps for windoze