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Re: Click Track from EDP

I use an old Roland 626 drum machine that will accept a midi clock and 
then put
out  midi and a +5 volt pulse signal. I use the cv to sync my old Digitech 
Machines with my midi looper (a Jamman). Plus you can put an audible click
wherever you want, or any drum voice.
lol, Jeff

stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:

> thanx that is cool, but it is a *visual* display and unfortunately i'm
> lookin for something that puts out a voltage. like the clock out of the 
> 42 is a TTL-level(0 to +5 volt) square wave which i then amplify! i know,
> old technology but i'm hoping there's something out there that will hook 
> to the EDP...thanx,stanner
> >http://www.maxmidi.com/diy/metro/
> >
> >
> >Hope this helps!
> >
> >Dennis Leas
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> >dennis@mdbs.com
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