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Re: Any More Info on New BOSS Looping pedal

I put my EDP in sampler mode (Mute then hit insert for a one-shot trigger) 
on long loops, then tap on the downbeat. It's amazing how well you can 
make things sync up. Then you can do things like re-trigger only the 
beginning of the loop for awhile, then let the entire loop play to add 
variation. It's SO simple, yet really makes things sound dynamic. The fact 
that it automatically stops allows you to improvise yet other events in 
any gaps you leave open. It's really easy and fun...

I believe you can do this sort of thing on the Boomerang and well as the 
DL4... The Boss looks like it does that as well as allows you to RE-TAP to 
CHANGE the loop time... so I'd say you should be able to recover from 
poorly tapped tempo problems as well as be creative about how you overlay 
your loops. Can't wait to see this puppy as well as the AMP STATION. I've 
gotta say... Boss DOES seem to have some very FRIENDLY gear. I LOVE my 


>>> soundmind@pandora.be 01/25/01 09:40AM >>>
>From the specs I've read, it seems pretty easy to sync to other equipment 
even real people:)  The tap for instance seems usefull..  I've only had
experience with the DL4, so I might be a bit naive here.  If  I am, please
enlighten me.



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> If they would only include MIDI synch.  Sheesh, is it that hard?
> Expensive?