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Re: OT: distortion/OD pedals, thankyous and gig SPAM London

In my UK rig, I use an SWR interstellar overdrive in the FX loop of my
MPX-G2 - in the states I had no 'stellar, so had to make do with the G2, 
to my ears, I missed the tubes... if you can go tube, do... :o)

Thanks to everyone who came to my gigs in LA and Santa Cruz - every city on
the planet needs a Rick Walker! The guy's great, makes some really cool
music, and seems to be pretty much the hub of the local experimental music
scene. It was a real treat to play on the same bill as Max, Trey and Scott 
hopefully, there'll be some photos and a full report, maybe with gear lists
and whatnot, at www.solobassnetwork.org.uk before long...

'til then, there's a review of my CD just been added to
www.ambientvisions.com which is worth checking out.

Also, see mini feature by me in current issue of Bass Player magazine about
the future of solo bass - the solo bass looping festival was great, I hope 
get to do one in London. Next solo bass looping event in London is me live
with David Friesen in Holloway, North London - see
www-solobassnetwork.org.uk for more details.



> try Fulltone BassDrive....two stage OD that is designed for bass (no low 
> loss) but works great on guitar too.  The guitar version, FullDriveII, is
> also very good but you lose some low end on bass (which can be cool, if
> that's what u want). Both are a little pricey, but head and shoulders 
> all other OD pedals. Very tube like.
> For a more budget-minded pedal, try Real Tube Blue Tube. Has a 12ax7 in 
> and works good with both guitar and bass....but is AC operation only.
> Max Valentino