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Re: 'Plex for sale

I must disagree- I have both and use them both all the time- if the EDP is
playing master looper the JamMan makes a nice tap tempo delay or additional
looper/sampler- the Jam Man does have midi as well- I will agree however
that the price you are paying is simply too high- at that price I would get
an EDP instead and scour the auction sites and music stores for a more
reasonably priced JamMan-


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From: "Hung Nguyen" <trojanhorse21@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Monday, January 29, 2001 1:04 PM
Subject: Re: 'Plex for sale

> Hi Alessandro,
>   At this time the EDP is still available. There is one person who
> to the ad before you so if he backs out then you're in. As soon as he
> replies I will let you know. As far as the Jamman is concerned, I say you
> should return the unit and hold out for an EDP. Just paying that much for
> the Jamman is not right. Besides that the EDP is a vastly superior beast.
> think everybody on the list will tell you that. I'm not sure if the 
> even has MIDI. The EDP has extensive MIDI capabilities and is perfectly
> suited for what you want to do. It has a MIDI sync function that will 
> with Cubase nicely. You will thank me for getting rid of the Jamman.
> Peace out,
>   Hung
> >From: Alessandro Ricciarelli <Ricciarelli@compuserve.com>
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> >Subject: 'Plex for sale
> >Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 13:55:06 -0500
> >
> >Hi,
> >
> >are you still selling? I just got a Jamman for 690 dollars (!) but I 
> >until Saturday to give it back for a full refund, and I think that the
> >´Plex might be better for me.
> >What I specifically need to do is to be able to predetermine the exact
> >length of the loop via a Cubase Midi File, in other words, I am creating
> >loop that I like, record it, figure out what tempo it is in Cubase, and
> >then I would like to create another loop with that exact tempo ...
> >I am writing all this because I am hoping that if you have already sold
> >`Plex, maybe you still could give me some advice, i.e. tell me if I
> >keep this Jamman or get an EDP in order to do what I want to do. (I do
> >a DL4)
> >
> >Best, Alessandro
> >
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