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RE: Repeater NAMM Demo


> Would it be too rude to ask what the Repeater is going to be used for
> by those upset by the delay in shipping?

I don't think its too rude ...

> Or is it a new looper, adding to/replacing/complimenting your
> existing rig/studio?
> Is it your first looper?

yes it is both a new looper and my first looper.  It won't be replacing
anything in my live rig but hopefully will enhance it.  I play the sax
and the EWI midi wind controller and have a rig of about 5 synths with
mixing, monitoring, etc.  I control all patch changes, etc. with my
feet.  I am hoping this will bring a new dimension to my playing.

It doesn't bother me to wait, but I would rather have one sooner rather
than later.  However, if the Repeater has the potential to give me and
my rig more capabilities than what I would get with another similar
device such as the EDP, and for less money, then I will wait.  It's just
nice to know what is happening and what to expect.


> rich
> >I can only imagine how difficult it must be to try and put a
> timeline on
> >something, but I would rather have the worst possible info and be
> >pleasantly surprised than to receive the most optimistic info and be
> >sorely dissapointed.  If Damon were to communicate the current
> >punch-list that they (the engineers) are working on and some
> approximate
> >timelines to go with the issues, then we would have a much
> better idea
> >of what to expect and more apt to be patient.
> >
> >Steve