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RE: Buckethead, was 9 discs

Title: RE: Buckethead, was 9 discs

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From: "Steve Lawson" <steve@steve-lawson.co.uk>

> I'd like it to go on record that since about 1989, my head has been a
mullet-free-zone... :o)
> Steve
> (who once owned albums by Cinderella, Vow Wow, Europe and Ratt, and feel
much better for having confessed that...)

Did you used to loop with a BC Rich, yellow spandex and a hairdryer?

** you must've been at namm the same day i was, because it's obvious that you know what steve does and that you just wanted to"out" him. funny how a guy who was doing a modulus demo at their booth was using the rich stuff at ashdown - - and the hair dryer seems to be a really integral part of what he does.